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July 8, 2010 / sara wheeler

my heart’s beat…

It’s been exactly one year since I boarded a plane that would change my life. One year since I arrived in the place I had dreamed about for 7 years. One year since I fell in love with the faces I had been waiting and hoping to someday meet. One year since Africa.

With the smells that can only be described as “Africa”, the faces so dark it makes their eyes stand out, the smiles, the big bellies on the little babies, the rice, the chicken, the chicken and the rice, the Ugandan tea, the dirt, o the dirt, the mosquito nets, the beads, the singing, the clapping, the dancing, the most joyful women I’ve ever seen, their dirty feet that walked for days to come see us, the DRUMS, the visions that became a reality…

My heart will never beat the same …

O, Jesus, never let the burden of my heart for Africa be lifted,
for those women and precious children.
Never let me forget what I’ve seen or heard.
Never let me forget the dirt on my arm from her sweet little hand.
Your name must be heard among those who have lost so much,
and among those who have taken…


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  1. Amanda Stulce / Jul 8 2010 1:41 pm

    You captured beautiful faces with your great photography. May the Lord grant your request as only He can do.

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