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November 19, 2010 / sara wheeler

Something new

I’ve been having so much fun with all my photo sessions lately! I’ve been so blessed to spend time with some of the most precious families! I have been realizing how much I truly LOVE photographing children…they brighten up my day when I see their smiles and deep eyes through my lens.

Over the past few months I have been spending a lot of time praying about how my photography can be purposeful. To minister to those I’m photographing. As I continued to pray about it there was a word that kept popping in my head: ADOPTION.

What a beautiful process… a family doing whatever they can, sacrificing so much, to bring that one child home. To love, to protect, to provide and sacrifice for. It’s such a beautiful picture of what Christ did for us… and even if I was the only one here…He still would have sacrificed everything…for the sake of ONE. So I kept praying… How can I be part of this process for someone else? How can I use my photography to help families as they are adopting?

And then this developed…

A new avenue in my photography! Sara E Photography will be sponsoring families going through the adoption process. I’ll be taking their family photos for them to use maybe in their application process or to put on prayer cards or something. Then they get to tell their friends to come have photos taken with me and a portion of their payment will go directly towards the sponsored family. I am SO THRILLED about this!!! What is so amazing is that within 3 weeks of me finalizing this, I am now sponsoring 3 families! I’m so excited these families want me to join them in their process…to find that ONE.

I’ll be blogging the photos of these families soon!


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