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February 16, 2012 / sara wheeler

Happy 4 years!!!

Today is such an exciting day for me! Sara E Photography is celebrating it’s 4th BIRTHDAY!!!

Turning 4…it’s when you’ve gotten past the awkwardness of learning how to crawl, how to talk, how to walk…and your personality begins to shine. You start to learn what you love. You start to hear those rhythms in your heart and make them come alive…

And I’ve found what makes my heart beat. What brings me more joy than anything else I get to do. It’s trying to see things through the eyes of Christ, and capturing the simple beauty of moments He created… and then sharing them, in hopes of bringing others that same joy. And I have been SO blessed to have watched my dream grow into something so beautiful. And not because of my own strength or talent. But because of Him.

Because of Him, I’ve had the most incredible experiences of people trusting me to come in to their homes to capture the beautiful tiny innocence of a new baby…

I get to laugh and be silly with my favorite little clients…

I’ve had the privilege of capturing the moments of my friends’ families growing…

and learning that these families begin to find a sweet place in my heart as they call me their photographer year after year…

To my clients, whether you are brides and grooms, newly married couples, high school seniors, or my dear families… I am so thankful for you. Thankful that you choose me. Thankful that you invite me in to be part of your lives, even if for just an hour or 2 every fall, and yet you keep coming back. I’m thankful that you laugh with me, let me be silly with your kids, that you relax with me and and let me capture sweet moments while we just hang out… it’s because of all of you and the wonderful joy you bring to my life that Sara E Photography gets to turn 4 today.

Let’s celebrate another year together!!!


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  1. therigdons / Feb 16 2012 11:58 pm

    Thanks for photographing us all these years. We love sara e!! 🙂

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